24 February 2009

Sister Marie de Mandat Grancey

I have recently learned from a friend about the life of an amazing Daugher of Charity, Sister Marie de Mandat Grancey who was responsible for the purchase and restoration of the Blessed Virgin Mary's house in Ephesus, Turkey. Through the efforts of friends they are gathering documention and petitions so that one day the cause for her beatification can be opened. There is a blog dedicated to raising awareness of this remarkable women who belonged to one of the most noble families in France and yet devoted her life to the Order founded by St. Vincent DePaul. The mission of the Sister Marie de Mandat Grancey Foundation is outlined below. There is also a longer history of her life at the site where you can sign the petition that God willing her cause will be opened. I have also put together a page for her cause on Facebook which you can join and invite others also.

During the persecution of the Christians in the first century, Our Blessed Mother Mary and St. John the Evangelist fled Jerusalem and settled in Ephesus, Turkey. The house in which they lived was purchased, restored, and preserved by Sr. Marie De Mandat-Grancey, Daughter of Charity (1837-1915) in 1892. Sr. Marie spent twelve years helping to find Mary's House, Meryam Ana Evi, and then after funding the purchase and restorations, promoted devotion to Mary at the site of the Chapel from 1892 until her death. Most noteworthy is that Mary’s House, is a holy and common ground where Christians, Muslims, and Orthodox gather upon to honor Mary, Mother of Jesus, a Jewish mother; certainly a sign of hope in these uncertain times of inter-religious conflict.

This is the miracle Sr. Marie never could have imagined; this is what many have come to believe is her mission in these times; Marian devotion across religious lines. Once again, the Mother of God gathers all God's children and teaches us how to pray side by side in peace.

Sr. Marie leads the prayer. Thanks to the foresight, virtue, perseverance, and hard work of Sr. Marie de Mandat-Grancey, Foundress of Mary's House, Mary is again honored, under a particularly precious and timely title; Mother of Holy Hope.
The Sister Marie De Mandat-Grancey Foundation is dedicated to making known the life and mission of Sr. Marie. Our hope and prayer is to see her raised to the Altar of Saints! Please join us as we work for the beatification of Sr. Marie and world peace as we unite in prayer in Mary's House through her intercession.

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