29 April 2008

Haitian Food Crisis (Updated)

A friend who linked to this post found more information on this story.

I was hungry and you gave me to eat…”

I received this letter today and if you are able I hope that you can help.

We send you an urgent plea for help. The people of Haiti are suffering starvation and a food crisis on a daily basis. Food prices continue to spiral out of reach, spiking as much as forty-five percent since 2006, and turning Haitian staples like beans, corn, and rice into closely guarded treasures.

A Dame of Malta, who leads Hope for Haiti, tells us:

“You may have read in numerous publications that Haitians are eating dirt. Yes, they mix dirt with oil and salt and shape them into circles and dry them in the sun. They sell for 5 cents; with the outrageous price of rice, this is what our brothers and sisters are left to eat.”

The American Association of the Order of Malta supports four major missions in Haiti. Each of the missions is in desperate need of funds to buy food for starving children, mothers and fathers, and elderly Haitians. These people depend upon us for a daily meal.

The four missions in Haiti associated with The American Association include:

Haitian Health Foundation
Hopital Sacre Coeur - Crudem
Hope for Haiti
Project Pierre Toussaint

Each of our missions will guarantee that 100% of the monies will go toward food to those in need. Please help this cause and send whatever you can; we will let you know how our Order has come to the aid of the Haitian families who depend upon us for survival from day-to-day during these very bad times.

Please send your donation to:
Order of Malta – American Association
P.O. Box 3420
Long Island City, NY 11103-0418

You can also go to the American Association website and donate online.

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