18 April 2017

Works Without Faith, The New Mantra of the Leaders of the Order of Malta?

The battle cry of the leaders of the coup in the SMOM and their supporters is that of the many "good works" we do as though that is the new motto of the Order, Good Works R Us. Rarely if ever do we hear any more about the spirituality of the Order or it's religious nature other than a vague reference to it needing to be reformed. If their past practice is an indicator we should have grave cause for concern on that. 

I found this article from a few years ago which argues that while it is true that, "Faith without Works is Dead, so is the contrary, "Works without Faith is likewise Dead." A couple of key points from the article, one is that "the core ministry of the Church is not social action" and that works without faith is just an ideology. The knights of our past fought for The Religion, not an ideology." For many today they prefer the false religion of trying to make this world a better place rather than trying to make our way to a Better Place."
Here's the rest of the article, http://www.patheos.com/blogs/standingonmyhead/2013/11/works-without-faith-is-dead.html

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