26 February 2017

Bishop Stenger of Pax Christi France is Malteser Intl. Choice as Ethics Committee Chair

So in a recent interview with Andrea Tornielli, Albrecht von Boeselager defended the distribution of condoms in a village in Myanmar in order to be able to provide medical care in the same region.
“Two of these projects could be stopped immediately. The third project concerned the northern Myanmar and was intended to improve basic health service for poor people, with two million euro a year. One percent of this sum, 20,000 euros, was aimed for the prevention of diseases amongst enslaved prostitutes in an area close to the border with China and regarded the Las Vegas “of the poor”. The person who had donated the money had insisted that this part remained in the project. If we had closed the project immediately, we would have left the entire region without health services. Therefore, the board of Malteser International decided to set up an ethical committee, led by Bishop of Troyes, France - Marc Stenger, to decide what to do. And this was the situation when I was elected Grand Chancellor. “ 
So here is some background on Bishop Stenger. It won't be surprising with this background that he would be willing to support the ends justifies the means distribution of condoms contrary to Church teaching. As it turns out he was also on the Board of Malteser International as the chaplain while the condom distribution was going on. As Herr Boeselager said it was the responsibility of the MI Board and not him personally for what was going on in Myanmar

“I didn’t act because it is competence of the board of Malteser International to act. But I saw what they did. Malteser International is a foundation created in accordance with the German law, there is a director, a vice-director and a board. And the members of the foundation are 20 different associations of the Order from various countries. The Grand Hospitaller, the position I covered at the time, is not directly involved in the operational part. His task is to supervise, but not in the lines of command.”
Regardless of whether or not he is in the "lines of command" he still has a responsibility to act as he has a supervisory role.


And some background on the Pax Christi movement which Bishop Stenger leads in France. By their friends you will know them.

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