24 February 2017

An Interview with the Grand Hospitaller of the SMOM

An interview with the Grand Hospitaller. They keep stating our sovereignty wasn't impacted by the appointment of Archbishop Becciu as the special delegate. That might be more believable if he came from the Congregation of Religious and was not the 2nd in command of Secretary of State. A couple of key take aways. One it looks like they are going to be pushing for an interim Lt for another year instead of electing a new GM in April. Second they will be looking to make the GM position have a mandatory retirement age and also make the position more "collegial." This would be consistent with rumors that there will be a push for a superior for the religious side and a separate "head" of the of the works or sovereign functions of the Order. A Prince and a Grand Master instead of the Prince and GM? Maybe elevating the role of Grand Hospitaller or Chancellor? Its also curious why this sudden desire to reform the professed side. If there haven't  been changes since 1961 why all of a sudden? Have these members of the Sovereign Council been pushing for these changes over the past several years and are we to believe that Fra Festing was somehow blocking these desired reforms and it was necessary to get him out of the way?  Not likely, so the question remains, "why now?"

One of the Frà's I know had this comment to make on the interview,
"Concernant le Code (la règle de vie de l’Ordre), on peut imaginer une évolution du statut et de l’engagement des membres de première classe, c’est-à-dire les chevaliers profès qui prononcent des vœux solennels après un temps de préparation. Il y a actuellement certaines incohérences. Ils font ainsi un vœu de pauvreté, mais qui se réfère aux ordres monastiques alors qu’ils ne sont pas moines et vivent dans le monde, devant travailler pour vivre. On pourrait donc réformer le Code en référence à ce que vivent les consacrés dans les communautés nouvelles."  What an extraordinary state of affairs where the Grand Hospitaller, a layman, not a Relgious bound by Canon Law, is able to suggest that the Professed, all of whom joined the Order and became Professed under the current code, shouid be forced to live in community as monks. There could be no more certain or speedy way of destroying the Professed once and for all. One cannot but help think that this is the intention. It is worth examing again and again how we arrived at this point and then gasping with amazement. Sometimes, life is so extraordinary and upside down that you have to keep pinching yourself to make sure you're not dreaming.

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