05 January 2017

Von Boeselager versus the Order of Malta

The Tablet Exclusive: Cardinal Burke and Grand Master Festing defied wishes of Pope by sacking Grand Chancellor.  It's hard to keep it all straight. This week the media is saying Pope Francis didn't want von Boeselager removed. Of course it's exclusive and we can guess where the information is coming from...

From the article, "But the row has sparked an internal crisis inside the Order which shows no sign of abating: in a statement Boeselager says his sacking and subsequent suspension from the Order was unconstitutional and is threatening to use the Order’s legal system to prove his point."

Well then Herr von Boeselager that's what you should have done and the fact you didn't is quite the self-damning statement of your guilt. If you have been wrongly accused or terminated then you should fight it within the legal structure open to you. Or you could imitate the example of numerous saints who have been wrongly accused but who in their humility have borne the injustice quietly and patiently only to be vindicated in the end, i.e., St. Padre Pio. But if you are guilty as charged you do as you have done and go to your friends and seek the interference of the Vatican all the while pretending to take the high road.

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